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After-sales Service Rules
Basic Requirements of Service

A ) Business Department should pay a return visit to customers, and have a knowledge of their problems during the usage;

B )Record seriously and handle timely the suggestions from customers according to the operating requirements of the products.

Service Implementation, Confirmation and Report

A ) Business Department is responsible for making plans to pay return visits to customers for tracking the product quality, and assign people to make return visits to customers;

B ) Business Department should pay return visits seriously, and collect and compile quality information and problems found;

C ) Record all customer visits, letters and calls clearly and completely, and deal with them timely;

D ) Vice general manager should carry out inspections on the records, and check the service work.

Pre-sales, sales and after-sales services

A ) Before the sales, an introduction of products is required to help customers to pick up their satisfactory products in terms of specifications and types according to their application.

B ) Based on customer demands, an introduction should be made regarding the product performance and price, and economical, practical and reliable suggestions should be given to customers in order to assist them in making judgments about the purchase.

C ) Guarantee the product quality, quantity, and manufacturing duration according to customer demands, and meet customer demands with honesty and credit.

D ) Make free exchange for vulnerable accessories under warranty.

E ) When receiving customer complaints, business department and other relevant departments should make joint analysis, put forward solutions or take classified remedial actions, and assign people to provide onsite service as required.

F ) After the onsite service, a test or assessment should be made on effectiveness of the service, and the after-sales service records are kept by salesmen or service personnel.

G ) Business department should make a written report annually in terms of the customer feedbacks, visits, complains and the return visits conducted and the survey of customer satisfaction to vice general manager. The report will be used for the appraisal of the company management.


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