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Henan Modern Cranes Co.,Ltd


  (1)    CRANES:

The main products are as followed:
All kind of overhead traveling crane with lifting capacity of 5~300 ton
All kinds of single and double gird gantry crane with lifting capacity of 5~300 ton
All kinds of ladle crane with lifting capacity of 5~280 ton
Insulation, explosion-proof, slow, double trolley, winch, revolving hook, grab, electromagnetic, suspended beam, clamp, charging, cover carriage, ingot stripper, car unloader, door extractor
Gantry crane
Electrolytic aluminum multi-purpose crane, multi-functional baked anode crane, stacker
Ship loader and unloader, stacker-reclaimer, gantry crane, yard container crane and other harbor machinery
Special lifting appliance, steel structure for factory building, etc.

(2) Lifting Equipment:
3T following mobile hydraulic lifting platform
200T the following stationary hydraulic lift platform

Henan Modern Cranes Co.,Ltd, has been adhering to the quality principle of “People Oriented, Quality First, All-round Control, Customer Supreme, Promise-keeping” and won trust of customers with its service standard of “Amiable, Quick, Efficient, Reasonable”. Besides sales across the country, the products are also exported to Japan, France, Switzerland, Finland, Iran, South Korea, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bengal, and Malaysia, etc.


With the globalization in China, the company has improved a lot through the cooperation with many international well-known companies such as Konecranes, Demag, IHI, Japanese Crane, and Mitsui Miike Machinery, etc. It is committed to the development and innovation of the crane technology, and has won the recognition and trust of customers with excellent performances.

Henan Modern Cranes Co., Ltd. wishes to make friends of all circles and work hand in hand for a more prosperous society.

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